Sedation Dentistry

Quite a few people have a high level of dental anxiety. Also categorized as phobia. This  prevents them from making their regular dental visits. Thereby, it can be detrimental to their oral health and more expensive.

Our goal is to create an environment that will make you spare time for self care and start liking your dentist again. Moreover, Dr. Jasani believes in making your visit as comfortable, pain free and anxiety free as possible. Sedation is safe and effectively provides relaxation and comfort during your dental visit.

Dr. Jasani has received extensive training in oral sedation via DOCS education.

To begin with, she will recommend a pill to be taken an hour or two before the procedure. The oral sedative pill will calm the patients to a point where they will be sleepy, but conscious to cooperate during the dental procedures and receive their dental work.

With an adequate amount of oral sedative, the medication may cause amnesia. Thereby the patient may not recall their procedure. If you decide to go with oral conscious sedation, a friend or family member should drive you to and from your dental appointment

We also offer Nitrous oxide commonly known as laughing gas leads to giddy/ light headed sensation and is commonly used in children and adults with mild anxiety. Even though it makes you feel relaxed and calm, you will be able to interact with your dentist. Also, there are no residual effects after the procedure.

Dr. Jasani thrives on patient satisfaction since your comfort is our priority. We will create beautiful smiles in our judgement free zone. We offer cozy comfortable blankets and aromatherapy with some calming music to soothe and relax you from your routine life. You can also choose to catch up on one of your favorite shows or movies.

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