You can crack your teeth with the biting forces when the strength of the tooth is significantly compromised and cannot be addressed with a filling. Especially in the back teeth potentially leading to root canal treatment. This is also true for a weak and failing tooth with mutiple fracture lines. In this case, Dr. Jasani may recommend a crown to restore the strength and integrity of the tooth and protect the tooth from further damage. Our crowns and bridges will look and feel similar to your natural teeth. 

Our doctor and team may recommend a crown

  • if your tooth has cracked
  • for implant restoration
  • to protect large failing restorations
  • for root canal treated teeth

The bridge is multiple crowns connected together to replace the missing tooth/teeth. We use the adjacent teeth as anchors to restore the form and function. Bridges are way more comfortable and a fixed alternative compared to removable dentures. There is no intervening surgery involved for the bridge unlike the implant. Also, their life like porcelain that matches to your tooth like no other, and eliminates the metal substructures

We will numb you and make sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Dr. Jasani will remove the failing restoration and fracture lines. Following which, she will remove underlying decay and fill the tooth with healthy tooth colored filling material. Dr. Jasani will shape and prepare the tooth for the crown, take digital scans with our state of the art 5D ITERO scanner.

We will then make you a temporary crown/ bridge while we have the lab craft your final crown/ bridge. Once we receive it from the lab, we will adjust the fit and cement it securely for you. Dr. Jasani will go over all the post op instructions with you and answer any questions you have.  

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