Tooth Colored Fillings Post Op Care


Your mouth may be numb for several hours after the procedure. Do not bite, scratch, or injure the cheek, lips, or tongue during this time. You can carefully drink little sips of water during this time but avoid eating. 

Gum Soreness

Tenderness/Soreness in the gums where shots were injected or around the teeth that got fillings is expected and can last for a few days. You can take some over the counter pain medicine as needed.

Tooth pain/sensitivity

It is normal to experience some tenderness and sensitivity to heat, cold, sweets and pressure after fillings especially if the cavity was fairly deep. The sensitivity may last from several weeks to several months. Teeth with deep cavities occasionally can become tender, even though they were not symptomatic before the filling and a root canal treatment may be needed if symptoms do not resolve.

Bite adjustment

We will try our best to make sure your bite is even when you leave. However, occasionally the bite may need to be adjusted further. If you feel your bite is not even or it hurts to chew, call us immediately so we can schedule you for bite adjustment.  This is a common reason why teeth become tender after fillings.


You can eat on the side of the fillings once the anesthesia wears off. If you had fillings done on front teeth in high stress area (edge of the front teeth), avoid biting into anything with firm consistency as this will increase the chance of filling failure. An occlusal guard is strongly recommended to improve life of these fillings if you grind or clench your teeth.


Proper hygiene is critical for the longevity of fillings. Make sure to brush and floss as advised to prevent damage to these fillings.

Please call our office with any questions or concerns.

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