Dentures are removable appliances used to replace one or multiple missing teeth. 

We make partial dentures used to replace some missing teeth and complete dentures that replace all the missing teeth. Though, they now are more natural looking and comfortable than before, it does take some time to get used to it. 

All the removable appliances should be removed at night and worn during the day. You will slowly get accustomed to speech, form and function. Sometimes, We may recommend use of an adhesive paste for retention when there is insufficient bone support. This will prevent your dentures from moving.

There are multiple measurement steps involved in the process. We will also show you the teeth try-in in wax to see if you like the esthetics before finishing the product. We offer flexible partial dentures which are much more comfortable than the traditional hard resin ones.

Immediate dentures

In some cases, when you have extensive decay, Dr. Jasani will recommend immediate dentures. So you can go home with teeth the same day you get your teeth extracted. Dr. Jasani and her team will take all the measurements beforehand to have your appliance ready before the extractions. We will then see you for the required adjustments 

Implant supported dentures

With the state of the art technology and advances in dentistry, we recommend implant supported dentures. As they are more secure and stable. Also, it will help restore form and function and do not slip and move. Moreover the implants will stimulate and maintain the jaw bone from regressing due to the missing teeth. 

Dr. Jasani is happy to provide a consultation as to which mode of teeth replacement and dentures are right for you. Call us today for a consult on immediate or implant supported dentures.

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