Losing a tooth is never easy. Hence, Dr. Jasani believes in the philosophy of saving teeth to the best she can. We hear that some patients choose extraction that could possibly be saved due to financial constraints. But the fact is, replacement of the extracted tooth with an implant or a bridge will end up being much more expensive than a root canal treatment. And if you choose to leave the missing space alone, teeth will naturally shift and eventually mess up the bite and occlusion. 

There are some scenarios where extraction is recommended which include

  • Wisdom teeth
  • Accidents/ trauma leading to knocked out teeth
  • Non restorable fractures
  • Advanced gum disease and mobile teeth
  • Unsuccessful root canal treated teeth
  • Tooth broken to the gum line
  • Severe damage and decay.

Simple and Surgical extraction

Dr. Jasani will gladly discuss if extraction is the recommended choice of treatment and possible replacement options. She will anesthetize the tooth and wait for the tooth to be completely numb before proceeding. She will then use special tools called elevators to rock the tooth slowly loosening it from the socket. Once it is loose enough, she will pull the tooth out from the socket, clean and disinfect the socket and pack the extraction site with gauze. 

In some cases, like fractured, broken down or impacted wisdom teeth, Dr. Jasani will recommend surgical extraction. She will explain the entire process in detail. Also, this may involve sectioning the tooth into pieces to facilitate removal. Furthermore, we may raise a flap for better visibility and ease of removal. 

We will prescribe you with the required medication to make the process as smooth as possible for you. Dr, Jasani will personally go over all the post operative care instructions with you and ease you through the procedure. We are always here to answer any questions you have.

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