A great alternative to replace a missing tooth is an implant where a biocompatible material like a titanium post is placed into the jaw bone. It replaces the natural tooth root and we add a crown on top of the implant to restore form and function. Unlike other replacement options, implants bond directly to the jawbone. Thus the look, feel and function is closest to your natural teeth. Not only does it restore the function, but they also prevent the adjacent teeth from moving into the missing teeth gaps. Thereby, it prevents messing up the normal bite. 

Missing teeth often resorb the jaw bone that can make the face look sunken. It also makes you look older than your age. Furthermore, this eliminates the need to reduce adjacent healthy teeth.

It takes about 3 months for the surrounding gum tissue to heal following implant placement. Once the site is healed, we will start the crown restoration. So you can resume normal function and be able to chew with ease. 

Some of the advantages of having an implant are:

Better chewing and function

Better speech

Improved esthetics

Longer durability

Ease of hygiene and overall maintenance

Implant is the closest you will feel to your natural tooth. With an implant, you can floss and maintain your oral hygiene just like your natural teeth.

Dr. Jasani will be happy to provide a consultation and recommend what option suits your needs the best. 

All on 4 Implant dentures

There are also implant supported dentures and all on 4 dentures that are secured in your mouth with some implants. Dentures usually slip and lose their fit over time and are not the most comfortable when it comes to function. Dr. Jasani can evaluate and let you know if you are a candidate for one of these prosthesis. 

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