Root Canal Therapy

You may need a root canal treatment when the tooth nerve, also known as pulp is inflamed or infected. Inflammation or infection can occur as a result of several things, including severe decay, repeated dental procedures, trauma, or the presence of a crack or fracture. Often this injury occurs without any symptoms, however, if the tooth remains untreated, pain or sensitivity may occur and an abscess could develop.

You may experience the following symptoms that may indicate you need a root canal therapy:

  • Persistent throbbing, sensitivity to hot and/or cold
  • Pain which may wake you in the middle of the night
  • Pain which radiates to your ear, upper or lower jaw, or side of your face
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Sensitivity to chewing and touch
  • Infection, drainage and sensitivity in the lymph nodes, nearby bone and gum tissues

In some cases, however, you may not experience any symptoms but still be in need of treatment.

Dr. Jasani will answer all your questions and explain the entire procedure in detail. We firmly believe in saving teeth for as long as we can. There is nothing like your original teeth and root canal helps us keep our tooth.

There are several myths associated with root canal therapy. Contrary to the popular belief, root canal therapy is not painful with our state of the art advanced technology. Dr. Jasani will numb the tooth and isolate the tooth from saliva by placing a rubber dam. She will then clean up the infection and the canal. Furthermore, doctor will remove the nerve and fill the tooth with biocompatible material. Since the tooth loses all the blood supply and nerve supply, it becomes brittle due to lack of nutrition. Hence, we highly recommend a crown for root canal treated teeth to restore proper form and function.

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