A smile speaks a thousand words and can take you places. A Smile is the only curve that can set everything straight. So, let us help you smile with confidence.Because Dr. Jasani believes in building lifelong relationships with her patients and loves to create beautiful smiles.


There might be various cosmetic issues like SEVERE WEAR, EROSION,  CHIPS, CRACKS, STAINS or GAPS IN BETWEEN THE TEETH. Firstly, Dr. Jasani will provide a thorough comprehensive examination and recommend a treatment to best suit your desires and requirements be it natural looking porcelain veneers or crowns. A smile make over can include a variety of techniques including porcelain veneers, dental crowns, invisalign, gum contouring and others. Furthermore, We may use a combination of the procedures to customize your needs with our expertise and experience.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are very conservative and yet very natural looking with life like porcelain. And the preparation will involve gentle removal of some enamel. We will then take impressions or 5D scan of your teeth with our state of the art ITERO scanner and make you temporary veneers while the permanent ones are being custom crafted in the lab for you. In the subsequent visit, we will remove the temporary ones, try on the permanent veneers. She will then bond them to your teeth, finally giving you the smile you always wanted and dreamt of. 

In some cases, she may recommend a combination of invisalign and veneers or smile make over crowns if your teeth are severely eroded or broken down and have significant loss of tooth structure. She will leave you feeling and looking 10 years younger while restoring the proper form and function with extraordinary esthetics and strength. Are you ready to schedule your COMPLEMENTARY SMILE MAKEOVER CONSULTATION with Dr. Jasani and a gift yourself a dramatic much wanted make over?

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