Tooth Colored Fillings

Here at Alexandria Dental Care Center, Dr. Jasani believes in an organic, holistic approach and is happy to evaluate what best suits your needs. We sure don’t want mercury or silver amalgams in our mouth. While we do not recommend removing all of your silver amalgam restorations, we cannot deny the fact that they do deteriorate at the margins causing marginal leakage and it is just a matter of time when they will need to be replaced. 


What causes decay?

While we are big on preventive dentistry, cavities are inevitable in some cases. Bacteria create acidic byproducts that weaken and eat away your tooth enamel. Thereby, it causes decay making it soft and penetrates into a second layer called dentin. Hence we recommend staying away from acidic food, sugar, refined food, soda and candies as much as possible.

Dr. Jasani will do a detailed exam and review your digital x rays and intraoral photos with you. Diet plays a very important role in tooth decay. Moreover, Dr. Jasani believes in preventive dentistry and will be happy to discuss your diet and lifestyle changes with your permission to reduce the risk of cavities.

We do tooth colored composite resin restorations that are not only esthetic to match your natural tooth color, but also strong and durable to restore your function and health. Dr. Jasani will numb you and gently remove all the decay in your tooth. And she will then clean the area and use the healthy tooth structure.There is a chemical bond created after treating the tooth with etch and bonding the composite in layers to healthy treated tooth structure. We will adjust your bite to your satisfaction. Your tooth is then polished to a smooth natural finish for longevity and comfort. 

To learn if composite resin fillings are the best approach for your dental care needs, call us or book an online appointment with us today.

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